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How to do Parallel Parking - Reverse Parking

If you get this manoeuvre on you driving test the examiner will pull you up in a safe convenient and legal place so you do not need to worry about that part. The examiner will then direct you by saying:

"This is the revers parking exercise, would you drive forward and stop alongside the car ahead then revers in and park reasonably close and parallel with the curb. Try to complete the exercise within about two car lengths."


Before you start

Choose a place where it is:

Safe -  will mean we need to be away from pedestrians, children or very busy roads.

-  parking is permitted.

- means not over driveways or entrances, or very close to parked cars.

Position - the road must be wide enough to complete the manoeuvre; there must be room to park.

Note: If at any time during this manoeuvre a car, pedestrian, cyclist etc. approaches, stop the car either let them go past or if they stop to let you carry on then continue with the manoeuvre.


Pull up alongside the vehicle not more than one metre away. Stop just ahead of him so that the front of the car lines up with the left door mirror. Check your mirrors and indicate if necessary. Once stopped, apply the handbrake, select reverse gear, cancel indicator.

Paralel parking
Take appropriate observations, slowly reverse the car until the cars are level, when you see the corner of the red car in your rear passenger window, stop and look one more time all round if safe turn the steering wheel on turn (360 degrees). Paralel parking
When the front of your car aligns with the rear of the red car turn the wheel to full right lock. Ensure that the front of your car clears the red car, if too close, take a little right lock off. Paralel parking

As you get parallel with the curb, keep the car moving slowly and straighten up the steering and adjust the position of the car;

Leave enough distance from the red car so you can pull away safely.

Once you have completed the manoeuvre apply the handbrake, select neutral and wait for instructions to proceed

Paralel parking



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