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Moving off and Stopping


Moving off

Moving off is the first manoeuvre you will perform, needing a basic understanding of clutch control, and also introducing some routines that will be used throughout your driving life.

To move off safely - Follow the Prepare-Observation-Move routines explained below:


  • Clutch down, Select 1st gear
  • Set the Gas-hold steady
  • Clutch slowly up to biting point then hold your feet still


  • Look all round
  • Check your mirrors
  • Signal if necessary


  • Release handbrake and keep your feet still
  • Steer to normal driving position
  • Slowly release the clutch.
  • Cancel signal if necessary


You will need to ensure you stop somewhere Safe, Convenient and Legal Position. On your driving test you may be required to pull over and park on the left, possibly several times. As you are changing speed and direction then you should follow the Mirrors Signal Manoeuvre (M-S-M) routine (as shown on the diagram below). Do not park where you will create a hazard to other road users i.e. on or near a bend, a brow of a hill, too close to junctions etc.

To Stop Safely - Follow the Mirrors –Signal – Position –Speed-Look routines explained below:


  • Check main and left door mirror.


  • Signal Left if necessary.


  • Steer closer and parallel to the kerb.


  • Press the brake pedal progressively firmer and just before the car stops begin to ease off and depress the clutch pedal fully.


  • Select a safe, convenient, and legal place to park.

When stopped

  • Apply the hand brake.
  • Select neutral gear.
  • Cancel the signal if it was used.
  • Rest your feet.
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