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Reversing into a side road on the left

Before you start this reversing exercise, the driving examiner will ask you to pull up on the left just before the junction to be used, will point out the corner, and then tell you that you need to reverse in the junction keeping reasonably close to it without touching the kerb. 

The secret to successfully carrying out any manoeuvre is to keep the car moving very slowly, and taking effective all round observations. 

Key points: Accuracy - Control- Observation

Before starting the menaouvre

Chose a place where it is:

Safe -  will mean we need to be away from pedestrians, children or very busy roads

- means not in a one way street, where there are 'no entry' signs

- means not very close to parked cars

Position - the road must be wide enough to complete the manoeuvre.

Note: If at any time during this manoeuvre a car, pedestrian, cyclist etc. approaches, stop the car either let them go past or if they stop to let you carry on then continue with the manoeuvre

reversing into side road

Stage 1

Prepare the car as you would do normally. Take all round observations and move off. As you drive past the selected side road, check for any obstructions that could make your manoeuvre unsafe.
Then check your mirrors, indicate left if necessary, pull up on the left, about 2 car lengths from the corner of the junction and stop about a foot away from the kerb.

Apply hand brake if necessary.

reversing into side road

Stage 2

Prepare the car as you would do normally. Take all round observation if safe drive slowly in a straight line until the rear wheels are level with corner. Once at the point-of-turn, stop and take all round observations, if safe turn the steering wheel left, when you see the kerb reappear in the middle of the rear window, turn the steering wheel back to the right to straighten up the  wheels to reverse down the side road.


reversing into side road

Reverse straight for two car lengths,while maintaining a foot away from and parallel to the kerb. Apply the handbrake, select neutral.

Once you have completed the manoeuvre apply the handbrake, select neutral and wait for instructions to proceed.

reversing into side road

Typical Faults

  • Poor clutch control.
  • Poor co-ordination the clutch and gas pedals.
  • Tyres touching kerb.
  • Not judging the point of turn accurately.
  • Does not give way to other road users.
  • Relies on door mirrors for main observations.
  • Insufficient observation during the manoeuvre.



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