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Driving Syllabus

We cover all of the below subjects to make our pupils safe and confident as well as giving them all the necessary driving skills required.

  1. Controls
  2. Moving away  and Stopping
  3. Clutch Control
  4. Hill starts
  5. Turning left
  6. Turning right
  7. T junctions (Emerging Left and Right)
  8. Crossroads
  9. Traffic Light Junctions
  10. Roundabouts
  11. Spiral Roundabouts
  12. Turn in the road
  13. Emergency Stop & use of mirrors
  14. Reverse round a corner
  15. Bay parking
  16. Parallel Park
  17. Planning ahead and anticipation
  18. Meeting situations
  19. Pedestrian crossings & use of signals
  20. One Way Systems
  21. Overtaking
  22. Dual carriageways
  23. Show Me Tel me questions.
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motorway driving lesson

Mini roundabout